Wholesale Termination

Connexum’s network was built from the ground up to handle massive traffic, self-repair and scale rapidly for virtually unlimited capacity. There’s no better provider for your Wholesale VoIP needs than Connexum.

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High Volume

management with billions of records processed for significant pricing leverage allowing us to pass savings along to you.

Quality Leadership

Highly experienced leadership at the forefront of the wholesale industry, focused and driven to deliver highest quality service at industry leading low rates

Major Tier 1 Network

Interconnected with major Tier 1 network providers delivering superior quality and reliability.

National Footprint

Huge National Wholesale Voip Footprint covering the US Domestic market.


Custom web-based wholesale voip management tools for maximum control.

Unique Product Set

Diverse and unique product set, allowing you to effectively deliver service to your customers.

Connexum Products


This rate driven product is designed to make an impact in carrier LCR’s, and help reduce costs while increasing competitiveness of pricing to prospective customers. The makeup of this product will include Tier 1, Tier 2, and arbitrage routes that deliver valid CLI. Due to the nature of the route, and the good quality level, ingress traffic profiles are restricted to non-dialer types for enhanced performance and high completion rates.

Traffic Requirments: ACD > 60 seconds, SDP < 20%

Connexum’s premium product is predominantly used for Retail traffic types, where quality is paramount. Typical trouble ticket ratios on this product would be 1 per 1,000,000 minutes or better. The route make up is comprised of Tier 1, Direct, and ON Net routes only for the highest possible quality and completion rates available.

Traffic Requirements: ACD > 75 seconds, SDP < 10%

This unique product is geared towards ITPS’s and hosted PBX providers with significant percentages of traffic derived from small business’s serving local markets and residential users. This product is comprised of regional LEC footprints and facilities based phone companies. The quality on this product rivals Premium, but offers rates more comparable to our Conversational product. The footprint is reduced, and designed for traffic qualifying under LCADS as local based on ANI and DNIS. Perfect for hosted PBX providers, and/or rate enhancement on quality driven products for carriers looking to improve profitability.

Traffic Requirements: ACD > 45, SDP < 20%

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